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Our Diploma


Entertainment Centers Management


Centers Design 

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Crowd Management 



Video Games
IT Developer

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Entertainment Centers Maintenance

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Entertainment Centers Safety

Live Short Courses

Welcome & event protocol activities.JPG

Welcome & Event Protocol Activities

Customer care.JPG

Customer Care

Boutique welcome & sale.jpg

Boutique Welcome & Sale

conference & event organisation.JPG

Conference & Event Organization

Event marketing & promotion 2.jpg

Event Marketing & Promotion

Recorded Short Courses

Usher Activities.JPG

Ushers Activities

Boutique organization and sales promotion.jpg

Boutique Organization & Sales Promotion

light catering service 2.jpg

Light Catering Service

Customer relationship.jpg

Customer Relationship 

Event promotion through social media.jpg

Event Promotion Through Social Media

Team Management.JPG

Team Management for Supervisors

Entertainment project management.jpg

Entertainment Project Management

Library Organizati.JPG

Library Organization

Museum organization.JPG

Museum Organization

Customer Service Activities.jpg

Customer Service Activities

Photographer Assistant activities 3.JPG

Photographer Assistant Activities

Counter Activities - Food.jpg

Counter Activities - Food

Counter activities sales.JPEG

Counter Activities - Sales

Public safety & security 2.jpg

Public Safety & Security

Event registration & ticketing.png

Event Registration & Ticketing

Introducion to crowd management.JPG

Introduction to Crowd Management

VIP Customer Service.jpg

VIP Customer Service

Warehouse Management.jpg

Warehouse Management

Health & Safety Level 2.jpg

Health & Safety Level 2

Risk Manageme.JPG

Risk Management Level 2

Crisis Management.jpg

Crisis Management

Hazard Identification.JPG

Hazard Identification

ncident Investigation.jpg

Incident Investigation

Fire Safety Level 2.JPG

Fire Safety Level 2

Emergency Safety & First Aid.JPG

Emergency Safety & First Aid

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