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Saudi Entertainment Academy

The Vision

Our vision is to become a leading Training Academy in the Entertainment industry on both local and international levels.

The Statement

Our statement message is to continuously work on developing skills of the people in terms of theoretical and practical knowledge in the Entertainment industry in order to empower students with the necessary tools for efficiently influencing the workplace Core Values

Core Values

We believe that our Academy is accomplishing its vision and mission by:

  1. Academic Excellence.

  2. Continuous Learning and Education.

  3. Creativity and Innovation.

  4. Strategic Partnership with Entertain Ment industry.

  5. Agility in change.

  6.  Create Cultural Awareness.

  7.  Create Teamwork Spirit.

About Saudi Entertainment Academy

Entertainment is an all-inclusive term of a wide industry whereby activities take place for the purposes of entertaining people and creating joy through various forms that include, but are not limited to, performances, events, media production, arts, and theatre.


With the kingdom’s 2030 vision of increasing tourism within the Kingdom, entertainment is considered an integral part of the hospitality industry. with the expansion of entertainment centers throughout the kingdom, the demand for employing qualified and skilled graduates in the entertainment industry is large.


In efforts of empowering the human capital of the entertainment sector, Bunyan company in collaboration with MENA Company and with the support of the Technical and vocational Training Corporation (TVTC) and General Entertainment Authority (GEA), launched a world class Academy Called Saudi Entertainment Academy (SEA) through accredited courses from (Université Côte d’azur) and Paris Academy from France. SEA is committed to training Saudi youth "males and females" to achieve their high potential that will result in contributing to national human resource development.

Practical and technical courses are designed to provide the necessary skills for the entertainment industry. Those involved in the management of theme parks are provided with the necessary services to upgrade entertainment-related services. These courses include the skills needed to plan, design and operate entertainment centers.


The entertainment academy is a relatively recent phenomenon In the growth of entertainment, Most large cities have theme parks, which provide employment opportunities for many graduates in these disciplines. The industry of entertainment management Is among the fastest growing sectors.


The specialized courses offered at the Saudi Entertainment Academy focus on two main areas of entertainment, operations, and management

High-Quality Education

All Courses are taught in English. Proficiency in English is a necessity for a successful career in the entertainment industry. Saudi Entertainment Academy offers a wonderful blend of theoretical courses and practical training with the international operator from France, the Paris Academy and the (Université Côte d’azur).

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