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Admission Criteria

1- The applicant must be a Saudi national.

2- The age of the applicant should be from 18 years old to 30 years old.

3- High school degree.

4- That the applicant is not currently employed and does not have a commercial register.

5- The applicant should not be registered with the Social Security and not previously supported by the Human Resources Fund.

6- Not registered at the Organization of Social Insurance

7- Full time and commitment to attend the entire program at the Saudi Entertainment Academy.

8- Not previously sponsored by the Human Resources Development Fund

9- Must pass the interview of the Academy and the Employing Company

10- Other requirements by the Employing Company

11- Attending classes on a full-time basis and be fully committed to the program at the Saudi Entertainment Academy.

12- Documents required when coming to the academy (a copy of the status card, a copy of the last educational qualification, a copy of the CV).

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